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About Us

We had no previous connections with Soria, but started visiting the area in the mid 1990's. In 2001 we left our Madrid home and moved to El Burgo de Osma, and after buying an old farmhouse in a nearby village set about the difficult task of renovating it using traditional methods and materials. It was a long slog, but eventually in 2008 we opened the doors of our very lovely and unique 'adobe' guest house.


I grew up in Guildford (England) with one foot in the town and the other in the country. After studying Spanish at Liverpool University, I travelled through South America for a year and in 1989 came to spend 3 months in Madrid. Somehow I never got away.

Madrid was great fun being twenty-something, but as the time came to settle down I knew I couldn't face the rest of my life in that noisy, chaotic city. Being a freelance translator meant I could take my work with me, wherever we went, so the opportunity was there for the taking. Ultimately, living in Soria went from "what if..." to a reality, and we've never looked back.

I love the serenity of Soria, its slow pace and its peace and quiet. I love its colours, the greens and the russets, and its bright blue sky. I love the beautiful countryside that surrounds us, with its varied wildlife and its tucked-away jewels. I love just being here every day.

I think we are lucky to be able to share the thrill of discovering Soria with our guests. It's satisfying work helping people to get the most out of this unknown part of Spain and to enjoy the time they spend with us.


My family has lived in the centre of Madrid for several generations and our home was just off Plaza de España, right by the Gran Vía. My parents were shopkeepers and our neighbourhood was always bustling with people and traffic, day and night.

I studied to be an optician, and after working for a year in Valladolid I returned to Madrid to take over a small optician's close to my family home. I really enjoyed my job, both the optical side of it and the contact with customers, but it was a losing battle trying to compete with all the cut-price chain stores that surrounded us.

Moving away from Madrid wasn't something I'd ever really thought about. I had always lived in the city and was very much an "urbanite"; I was scared of animals and even just scared of the country, so I'm amazed at how well I've adapted to life here and how at ease I feel.

Now it's great to have time for new hobbies like cooking and gardening, or just going for a walk in the country. And I'm really proud of our house and pleased with the success of our new business. It's very satisfying when people say how much they've felt at home and enjoyed their visit, it makes all our work behind the scenes worthwhile.

Discover Soria

We hope the information published on this web serves to whet your appetite to visit.

We have been living in Soria for 16 years now and love to get out and around the province, and we also get a lot of feedback from our visitors, so all in all we have built up quite a stock of local knowledge.

Soria has a lot to offer. We would love to share it with you.

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